So what’s changed with England’s quarter-assed attempt to stop covid-19?

Our hobo-looking whigger of a prime minister had caught coronavirus and was in hospital but is now fully recovered. Why he was using up NHS resources is beyond me considering he can afford private health care. A ploy to garner sympathy perhaps by feigning support for the NHS? And still handling official papers from his hospital bed? And interestingly he was in and out in less than a week, while other people took several weeks to recover.

How about passing some of those antivirals around to the rest of the country, eh?

covid19 drug treatments

Or is he too stubborn and incompetent to even do that, considering he missed all 5 governmental talks on the issue, took a 2-week holiday and shook hands with carriers? Meh, hopefully he’ll catch a more lethal strain and not get treatment in time.


Meanwhile on the streets most people are bored of the social distancing and self-isolation rules, and the number of people wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) is in a massive flux. The number of deaths has jumped since my last post to 16,509, with the number of cases having risen to 124,743. Not long ago Spain looked set to be the worst-hit country in all of Europe, though the tide could be turning against England in that aspect as we seem to be having the fastest rising rate of new cases.

On a slight tangent, I’ve been watching Netflix for the first time in my life and there are some really good ‘black’-led shows on there. Including Black Lightning, whose 3rd season is rather prescient of our current state of affairs.

SPOILER ALERT for those who haven’t seen it: Black Lightning’s home town, Freeland, is on lockdown to protect against a Markovian invasion. While the invasion line is true, the US army has been abusing its powers by beating up & detaining civilians and metahumans alike. In the detention camps a mysterious Ebola-like virus breaks out – but only affects the metahumans. ASA, the company that secretly came to Freeland 30 years ago to experiment on the largely ‘black’ populace to make them docile and subservient but inadvertently turned many into metahumans, is secretly trying to use metahumans (including children) as soldiers against the Markovians, with even Black Lightning’s own family members getting roped into it. Meanwhile ASA has done an information blockade on the rest of the world and disinformed them that SARS has broken out in Freeland, keeping them away. However, if the Markovian invasion succeeds the US government has a backup plan: bomb Freeland out of existence.


Season 4 on its way…?

Back in reality, the transport workers’ union ASLEF had to petition to the government for transport workers to be given PPE because Public Health England claimed they don’t need it. That’s after at least 8 bus drivers, 1 TfL & 1 London underground train driver died in the past few days, not to mention a guy who told a bus driver he had covid-19 then deliberately coughed at them. Due to this, TfL have now cordoned off the front side of all buses to protect drivers, meaning all buses are now free!!!

For those who needed proof that England is trying to cull its non-‘white’ population see here. And I’m not the only one who’s noticed. Not only that, France was recently slammed for declaring its desire to use Africans to test out new treatments. And they can’t use their own ‘white’ French civilians because…?

Meanwhile our media is only now catching on to some of the numbnuts deliberately trying to spread the virus. Maybe they were hired by the government to help us achieve “herd immunity”, though we’ll have to ride out another 6 to 10 waves before that happens. Even then, using the herd immunity argument is a tacit admission that they don’t know what the fuck they’re doing and don’t really give a shit about the population dying off. And some more stupidity we’re having to contend with. This country…

As a small glimmer of hope, Emily Maitlis, host of BBC’s Newsnight, has slammed MPs’ “misleading” language about covid-19 being a “great leveller” that those with “fortitude” & “strength of character” will pull through. Not to mention we have some volunteer workers going around to deliver food and aid to the high-risk people who can’t get it themselves (e.g. the elderly and those with compromised immune systems, who have been told to not leave their houses at all).

In the Central African Republic locals are resisting the spread of the virus by stigmatising and discriminating against foreigners. Similarly the Guinean government has threatened to deport all Chinese in the country if China does not ensure the safe return of Guineans in China. This is showing true fortitude & strength of character.

In Pakistan doctors are being beaten up by police. Why? Because of the lack of PPE, a number of doctors are refusing to treat patients out of the perfectly legit fear of spreading the virus to others. Oh look, tRump is trying to build a wall around CNN (metaphorically, though I wouldn’t put literally past him).

Menawhile, some countries have managed to completely evade the virus, most others responded to it much faster and thus have higher recoveries & fewer deaths (even the USA has a better percentage of recovered cases – 73,373 recovered v. 42,897 deaths out of 799,515 cases), but us? We’re struggling to get people to even see the need for a lockdown*, we’ve barely tested anyone so there’s no way to know the true number of cases, some are even being coerced to work without PPE, yet some economists are arguing the lockdown can be eased back to allow people to start going back to work by 4th of May.

* Yes I understand that this makes a perfect excuse for politicians to repeal our rights, liberties & public services in the name of “security”, but as long as we remain politically vigilant we can prevent that AND stay safe & healthy. Sign petitions, get involved in activist groups, write letters to local councillors, etc. It can be done.


And again keep up to date with the number of cases worldwide here:

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