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Islām & Illustrious “Arab” Ancestry™

One thing that’s becoming more prominent to me since leaving Islām is just how Arabocentric it is. As a muslim I’d been made to believe Islām was a universalist religion that gave no priority to any cultural/ ethnic/ national background over any other, and that Allah chose Muhammad to be his final prophet for the world because Continue reading Islām & Illustrious “Arab” Ancestry™

Pure ‘white’ race – did it ever exist? Part 1

(based mainly on David Mac Ritchie’s Ancient and Modern Britons Volume 1, ISBN 9781592322251)51tqkszqn0l-_sy344_bo1204203200_

In keeping with accuracy, Britain does not mean just England. I mean it as synonymous with British Isles (the collective name of the island containing England, Scotland & Wales – what used to be called Albion/ Prettania/ Brettania/ Alouíōn), Ireland (Northern & Republic – what used to be called Ierne/ Hibernia/ Iouernía), and the surrounding smaller islands.

When I first heard of this book I knew I wanted it. Now I’ve got it, it’s quickly becoming one of the most fascinating books on ‘race’ I’ve ever read. Mac Ritchie was a ‘white’ Scottish historian & folklorist, yet the information he delivers will probably be nothing short of miraculous to ‘black’ people interested in ‘black’ history.

Disclaimer: As informative as it is, it must be remembered it was written in the 1800s before knowledge of DNA was available to corroborate. It was also the time when scientific racism was at its peak. I just present this info as a potentially useful guideline and insight into the mindset of the past. If you want to see how true the claims are, please do your own research to independently verify. 

Continue reading Pure ‘white’ race – did it ever exist? Part 1

Aryans – native after all?

(based mainly on Jagat K. Motwani’s None But India [Bharat]: The Cradle of Aryans, Sanskrit, Vedas, & Swastika – ISBN 9781450261272)


In Western academia the story goes like this: Continue reading Aryans – native after all?

Some notes on how I use common terms 7

Hopefully it’s clear by now but I’ll repeat it anyway. All terms are according to how I personally understand and would ideally use them, which may or may not agree with the dictionary definitions or common usage. 

Maangamizi: synonymous with TAST & Maafa but emphasising the intention of destruction. A Swahili word meaning destruction/ downfall/ ruin/ annihilation/ havoc, and seems to be the current preferred term in England. I discovered that from a reparations march I recently attended.

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Patriarchy: for once I’m going to be even stricter than the common usage. The etymological definition of patriarchy isn’t rule of men. It means rule of fathers. This explains why men often think it’s their right/ duty to tell others what’s “best” for them – and “discipline” them when they “misbehave”, and why many think of societies like a “gaggle of unruly children” in need of vigilant attentive “guidance”. From experience, the latter is pretty prevalent in Muslim men – whether they have children or not.

For the common usage it would be more accurate to say andrarchy, phallocracy, androcracy or androcentrism. But in practice they’re often interchangeable anyway because most men in authority are fathers.

(I’m working on a post which finally gives an explanation of the origins of patriarchy/ andrarchy!)


Matriarchy: as with patriarchy I will elucidate that the etymological definition isn’t rule of women but rule of mothers. Funnily, in many/ most ancient societies this is how female authority was practiced (when it was practiced). This didn’t necessarily mean good treatment for all women, exactly as patriarchy doesn’t necessarily translate into good treatment for all men. For the current usage of rule of women in general, more accurate terms would be gynarchy, gynocentrism, gynocracy or gynaecocracy.

And she doesn’t have to look like this to be an evil b…


Euro-Samerican: FINALLY I’ve come up with a more accurate synonym for Latino/ Hispanic! It means South American nationals of (predominantly or exclusively) ‘white’ European ancestry and phenotype. Obviously that ancestry would be Spanish/ Portuguese for most, but there is a big community of Germans in northern Brazil so they’re included.


Afro-Samerican: this would obviously be those nationals of South American countries with predominantly or exclusively ‘black’ African ancestry and phenotype. They’re  making themselves increasingly prominent in the international eye but still the minority numerically in their countries. And still treated like shit compared to Euro-Samericans, despite the fact that most Samericans are mixed.


Australian: I’m using it according to its original definition, referring to these people


Euro-Namerican: this is an update on  the term Euro-American. After reading up on  the plight of native Americans (including the theft of their identities), I realised I was guilty of using the word America to mean USA, similar to how people say Britain or UK when they actually mean England. America actually includes Canada, Mexico, central America & Caribbean, and south America as well as USA. Therefore it’s only right to distinguish between them.


Gypsy: (to be covered in a later post)


More to come later!



His name wasn’t Christopher Columbus!

Did you know that? The guy who “discovered”* the Americas was actually called Cristoforo Colombo! Since he was ITALIAN he had an ITALIAN name!

*(after the Arawaks/ Taìnos/ Algonquins/ other native groups and Vikings, that is)

This is an example of anglicisation, the English habit of altering foreign names or words to sound more English, or at least European. To a degree everyone does it, but English people seem to take  it to a whole new level of disrespect. Sometimes the anglicised forms don’t even resemble the original.

(On a slight tangent, this is why I refused to let anyone shorten my name in school. I’ve even had one boy directly say he didn’t like my name – see how racists operate? Can’t even gather enough brainpower to repeat what they hear)

Other examples:

Ibn Sina – Avicenna

Ibn Rushd – Averroes (the fuck?!?)

Yeshua/ Yehoshua – Jesus

Muslim – Moslem/ Mohammedan

Zarathushtra – Zoroaster

Jinn – Genie

Kurush/ Kurosh – Cyrus the great

Salahuddin (pronounced sa-laa-hud-deen) – Saladin

Mikael (pronounced mi-ka-el) – Michael (pronounced my-kerl)

David (pronounced da-veed) – David (pronounced day-vid)

Yochanan/ Yochanna – John

Azania – South Africa

Jabal-Tariq – Gibraltar

Mikołaj Kopernik – Nicholas Copernicus (did you know he was Polish?)

Piyush Jindal – Bobby (WTMFH?!?)

Leo Africanus (admittedly not English but European nonetheless) – Al-Hasan ibn Muhammad al-Wazzan!!!


People need to stop that shit, especially Africans. Simple mispronunciations are understandable, but if someone tries to shorten or rename you without your approval, don’t allow it. And don’t do it for them just to fit in or make it easier  for them either, make them learn to adapt  to you exactly as they like to make you do.