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His name wasn’t Christopher Columbus!

Did you know that? The guy who “discovered”* the Americas was actually called Cristoforo Colombo! Since he was ITALIAN he had an ITALIAN name!

*(after the Arawaks/ Taìnos/ Algonquins/ other native groups and Vikings, that is)

This is an example of anglicisation, the English habit of altering foreign names or words to sound more English, or at least European. To a degree everyone does it, but English people seem to take  it to a whole new level of disrespect. Sometimes the anglicised forms don’t even resemble the original.

(On a slight tangent, this is why I refused to let anyone shorten my name in school. I’ve even had one boy directly say he didn’t like my name – see how racists operate? Can’t even gather enough brainpower to repeat what they hear)

Other examples:

Ibn Sina – Avicenna

Ibn Rushd – Averroes (the fuck?!?)

Yeshua/ Yehoshua – Jesus

Muslim – Moslem/ Mohammedan

Zarathushtra – Zoroaster

Jinn – Genie

Kurush/ Kurosh – Cyrus the great

Salahuddin (pronounced sa-laa-hud-deen) – Saladin

Mikael (pronounced mi-ka-el) – Michael (pronounced my-kerl)

David (pronounced da-veed) – David (pronounced day-vid)

Yochanan/ Yochanna – John

Azania – South Africa

Jabal-Tariq – Gibraltar

Mikołaj Kopernik – Nicholas Copernicus (did you know he was Polish?)

Piyush Jindal – Bobby (WTMFH?!?)

Leo Africanus (admittedly not English but European nonetheless) – Al-Hasan ibn Muhammad al-Wazzan!!!


People need to stop that shit, especially Africans. Simple mispronunciations are understandable, but if someone tries to shorten or rename you without your approval, don’t allow it. And don’t do it for them just to fit in or make it easier  for them either, make them learn to adapt  to you exactly as they like to make you do.



(This is the 2nd part to Mythological Origins of European Racism)

In the spirit of satisfying my curiosity, I recently got the book The Destruction of Black Civilisation*. Though I’ve just begun reading, it’s already giving me another angle to approach this topic from: HISTORY.

* The Destruction of Black Civilisation: Great Issues of a Race from 4500 BC to 2000 AD, Chancellor Williams, ISBN 9780883780305. See featured image. Continue reading HISTORICAL ORIGINS OF EUROPEAN RACISM

REPOST: Somali Children Stolen By Government Because of Parents’ Broken English

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This is some boolshyt… WTF? Any excuse to take kids and fuck up

The government believes that children are property of government and simply a commodity, with quotas on the amount of children taken.
Guled Farah and Farhia Gelle learned the hard way when they moved from Somalia to Winnipeg. They were told by CFS that they weren’t fit parents due to “broken english” and two of their children were taken from them when one had an accident and went to the hospital. When Mrs. Gelle was pregnant with another child in 2010, CFS told her that if the baby was born in Canada and not Somalia, she too would be taken away by CFS. However, as the laws of CFS work in Manitoba. If they were to go back to Somalia simply to have a baby and resist the baby being taken away, CFS would claim abandonment of…

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