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REPOST: A schoolboy smarter than Einstein

Oh my God! I loved this article and had to share! Reposted from The Voice’s latest article.


A Schoolboy Smarter Than Einstein

PRODIGY: Ramarni Wilfred’s IQ is in the top one percentile, making him smarter than Einstein [Photo credit: Romford Recorder]

AN 11-YEAR-OLD boy has become the latest member of an elite society for the super intelligent after achieving the highest possible score on an IQ test.

Ramarni Wilfred, of Romford, Essex, was invited to join the exclusive Mensa club after scoring an IQ of 162 – higher than Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Albert Einstein.

His mother Anthea, 37, of St Lucian heritage, said she first noticed her son’s brilliance when he was just a toddler. “He was quite young when he started talking clearly and as soon as he started walking he would go looking for books,” she recalled.

The beaming mother said Ramarni would watch the TV with the subtitles on because “he wanted to check the words that he did not understand.”

“Soon he was telling me the Greek and Latin origins of words,” Anthea told The Voice.

By the time Ramarni started reception, he had already begun to master reading, spelling and writing, and his teachers considered moving him straight into Year 1. But his mother thought it would be best for him, socially, to remain with his peers.

Soon the intellectual was enrolled in the school’s programme for the gifted and had been recruited by The Brilliant Club, a non-profit organisation that works with outstanding students from non-selective state schools.

As part of the programme he was tutored by a PhD lecturer and was able to write a paper on fairness that earned him a 2:1 and a mock graduation at Oxford University.

His former teacher and French tutor, Valerie Mulae, described him as “remarkable.” “He just stood out. He shone,” she said.

Anthea said she tries to support her son as much as possible by engaging him in extra activities like museum visits and educational nature walks.

“But now I realise that he needs a lot more stimulation and Mensa has a range of activities that could help him grow,” she said.

Ramarni’s dream is to study at Oxford and to become an astrophysicist.

He said: “I love all things science and have always wanted to grow up to have a career in this field. I also love maths and history. Now I want to combine all my favourite subjects and hopefully study physics at Oxford.”

Mensa’s chief executive, John Stevenage, said: “Anyone who registers an IQ score which places them in the top two per cent of the population has done remarkably well. The score Ramarni achieved therefore is very good and shows he has great potential.

“Joining the Mensa community will allow Ramarni to network with other extraordinary people and give access to the 100 special interest groups which provide a great opportunity to learn new things.”

Ramarni said: “This is a great opportunity and I think it can open a lot of doors for me. But I also believe that having a high IQ isn’t that important unless you do something really special with it.”

Breakin’ Convention indeed!

This is a fictionalised but still true account of my and my friends’ trip to the Breakin’ Convention Park Jam, in 500 words or less: 

When we got there, we were amazed at the sight. The iridescent colours of people’s clothes and jewellery, strewn all about the carpet of grass like moving flowerbeds! The sky was clear, the sun was bright and the stage sat like a dark fortress right in the middle. I in my black and orange bomber jacket, Franklin in his pink jumper and cap to shield his equally pink eyes from the sun – nope. We blended right into the bunch. So this was Spa Fields Park, Islington.


From the cheers of the audience and the booming rhythms of the rappers, it was safe to say there was no-one who wasn’t enjoying themselves. As we stepped inside, Franklin and I were instantly welcomed by the distinct lack of swearing in the lyrics. Not a single one! Yet the music kept going seamlessly regardless, from the scheduled performers and the freestylers alike! Wow! Now that’s what I call Breakin’ Convention!


Funnily enough, I’ve never been that big on music and Franklin wasn’t really into rap or hip hop but we found ourselves dancing along anyway. However, the part that I was most excited about was what was happening behind the stage in another part of the park. The bars!!! That’s what I went for; the solid steel pull-up bars. I was ready to pump some muscle, as were my other mates Jermaine and J, and all the other muscle-bound adrenaline junkies crowded round. Franklin had never seen my workouts until then, so he was left gobsmacked at the sheer skill and variety of the tricks. Muscle-ups, planches, human flags, upside-down pull-ups, you name it!


Parents, children and teens alike had their phones and tablets at the ready for making their own workout inspiration videos – and the competition hadn’t even started! That’s when sweat and steel collided and exploded into a cloud of sharp aroma, like a pheromone rousing the competitors into action! 2 minutes the judges gave them. 2 minutes to make good on their years of pumping and sculpting their muscles into the best humanly possible shapes. 2 minutes to pound the ground and rattle the bars with gravity-defying swings and holds, whisk up a host of natural disasters in their wake to rock the spectators’ worlds!


Then Franklin and I had lunch. Of course we had to come out of the park and walk around the area to find a suitable place, since Franklin decided he wanted pizza, but we were in luck. Just right at the end of the road we found a good Italian place to sit in. The foods were lovely: a 12” margherita pizza, slices of herb-encrusted bread, king prawns and mussels. Mmmm. It was beautiful both to see and to eat, and we chatted until there was only an hour left of the show in the park! The two of us headed back and enjoyed it all over again. 

Authors of their own demise

Japanese baby. They’re becoming rarer and rarer so women, savour the cuteness while it lasts!

Last Thursday (24/10/13) there was a very interesting documentary on BBC2 called No Sex Please, We’re Japanese, hosted by Anita Rani. It described a very strange phenomenon in Japan: a severe population  decline. It’s calculated that if present birth rates continue, the population of Japan could be reduced by a third within the next 4 decades! For many other nations this would equate to 2 generations but in Japan it’d be much closer to 1.

Reasons for this include:

  • Japanese men have become increasingly scared of real females, preferring virtual ones in games consoles. Worse, they’re not even virtual women but virtual schoolgirls! Such is the otaku (ultra-nerd/ geek) culture, and this doesn’t just apply to single men but even married men,
  • Many women (real flesh-&-blood women I mean) have stepped up their game and become professionals & businesswomen, while most men (the ones who are still into real women!) still want the traditional stay-at-home housewives,
  • Modern Japanese workplace ethics have left many people too busy to have sex,
  • Like China, Japan is ethnically extremely homogenous. Almost everyone in Japan is Nihonjin, with tiny percentages of foreigners because immigration laws are very tight. This means that Japanese are pretty much stuck with their own men, unless they’re open to interracial relationships (as many Easian women in UK & US are).

Interesting things this has resulted in include the over-65s being 25% of the country’s population, too few youth to pay taxes to support the economy and a resultant national debt worse than Greece’s, the closure of nurseries & maternity wards in hospitals, and adult nappies outselling baby nappies. Furthermore, about a third of the prison population (260 in total if memory serves me right) are pensioners, many of whom re-offend after release!

Oh yeah, and a cheerleaders club exclusively for women over 55.

American government collapse!?!




Damn! Before yesterday I’d never thought a government could collapse or run out of money to hold up its economy! Non-essential government services like national parks and NASA have been closed, they have only $3 trillion left to repay debts & bills (ONLY? They should be so effing lucky!), and 800,000 people have been furloughed (put on unpaid leave)! With no backpay if the government gets up and running again!

Obama gave his speeches yesterday explaining that this could have very easily been avoided. It’s only happening because the Republicans in Congress refused to fund his proposed reforms to the healthcare system, known as Obamacare. On top of that, the Democrats in the Senate have rejected a Republican proposal to fund the federal government by delaying Obamacare’s implementation! In summary, Obama, the Democrats & Republicans are disagreeing on how best to manage their budget. Effectively, Congress is blaming Obama for the shutdown while he claims they’re holding the country to ransom. Wow, so how much power does the President really have then?

Government shutdowns have happened before back in 1996, 17 years ago during Bill Clinton’s presidency, and another 16 times before that. However, as the economy wasn’t recovering from a recent crisis back then it’s hard to know exactly how good the comparison is. It’ll also be less likely that whatever was done to rectify it then will work now. Which begs the questions: exactly what will be done now? And how exactly will it affect the rest of the world? We’ll have to wait and see.

Oh yes, important date to keep an eye on: 17th October. I admit I forgot why, I’ll type it up when I find out again.

And now I remember. If a budget deal is not agreed upon, that’s the date the US government is calculated to hit its debt ceiling, i.e. run out of enough money to repay its debts!


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