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In the name of God/s, part 11: Zoroastrianism

Apologies to you all for taking so long to do a new post. I’ve recently had to make a lot of changes in my personal life, as a result of which I will only be able to post no more than once a month. Nevertheless please enjoy as I still have many post ideas, and if there are any subjects you’d like me to write about please share with me in the comments.

Now on with the post: 

  • Founder/s: Zarathustra (sometimes spelt Zarathushtra) Spitara, more commonly known in the West as Zoroaster
  • Approximate age: 3500-4000 years, definitely preceded Judaism
  • Place of origin: Persia (Iran & western Afghanistan)
  • Holy book/s: Avesta
  • Original language of holy book/s: Avestan Persian, aka. Zend
  • Demonym of adherents: Zoroastrians/ Zarathustrians
  • Approximate number of current global adherents: 124-190,000
  • Place of worship name/s: dar-e-mehr, fire temple, fire house, atash gah, agiyari

Note: other names of this religion are Mazdayasna, Zarathustraism, Mazdaism, Magianism & Behdin. Continue reading In the name of God/s, part 11: Zoroastrianism


The purpose of (male) circumcision

(Disclaimer: this post won’t go into much depth on the origins of circumcision. That’s too lengthy a discussion and can be read about on Wiki. My focus is on its purpose in Judaism, which by proxy explains its purpose in Christianity and Islam)

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Hear me perform live on Concious Radio 102.0!

With hosts DJ Supreme and Lady Esi!

Guest speakers: Robin Travis, Emeka & Eche Egbuonu, and yours truly – One  Tawny Stranger!

(link coming soon. In the meantime check out other great shows from Concious Radio. Stay tuned!)

In the name of God/s, part 10: Jainism/ Jain Dharma

  • Founder/s: Vardhamana, better known as Mahavira*
  • Approximate age: 2600 years**
  • Place of origin: India
  • Holy book/s: Agamas***
  • Original language of holy book/s: Sanskrit
  • Demonym of adherents: Jains
  • Approximate number of current global adherents: 5-10,000,000
  • Place of worship name/s: derasar, basadi, vasati

* Followers claim he’s not the founder, only the teacher in this era (see the time cycle at the bottom of the post) who gave the religion its present form. There is no founder as such, but the very first teacher of this half-cycle is Rishabha (aka. Rishabhadev, Ādinātha, Adish Jina, Adi Purush, Ikshvaku, Vidhata and Srista). 

** However, followers claim the religion is ageless and had no beginning.


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