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About Aryanism

Note: I’m well aware of its associations with Hitler, eugenics, the “master race” concept, etc. as pointed out by Abagond and others. However, last year I became aware of another type of Aryanism, which I believe some also call esoteric Hitlerism. I neither endorse nor condemn it, just present it here for examination. Like I said, I like to explore topics others don’t. 

The basic crux of this worldview is its insistence on three different races of humans. However, these races have nothing to do with skin colour, geographic ancestry, hair texture, ethnicity or anything like how it’s clasically defined. Continue reading About Aryanism

Winter Epiphany

This is one of my short stories. It was entered into the Brit Writers Awards monthly competition back in January. Needless to say it didn’t win so I’m recording it here for viewing. I hope to be doing many more of my short stories & poems on video.
To be honest I’m not totally happy with the recording, I want to redo it. If anyone has any useful tips for improving it, let me know. Oh, and rate up if you like!