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Doctor’s Notes

Subject name: England

Place of origin: island nation just west of Far West Asia (a.k.a. Europe)

Language: English

Diagnosis: severe attitude problem, specifically pessimism, alcoholism and moral superiority (self-proclaimed)


  • MORAL SUPERIORITY caused by centuries of ruling much of the known world, creating the trans-Atlantic slave trade in the Americas being the most significant example. Genocidal violence in the Americas, Australia, India, Kenya, South Africa and elsewhere excused, justified and handsomely rewarded, leading to severe emotional retardation. Modern symptoms include claiming foreigners should “go back to their countries,” upholding the current school curriculum (even while acknowledging its incurable failures), excitement at the Queen despite her figurehead status, passivity at the government’s unjust laws, pre-eminence of the English passport all over the world, and deeming itself synonymous with Great Britain/ United Kingdom.
  • PESSIMISM caused by role-playing as the world’s saviour and subsequent disillusionment when resisted. Also caused by its religious history, especially its many Puritan businessmen and leaders – one of whom successfully banned football – but also includes burning “witches” alive at the stake and believing children to be full of sin. Modern symptoms include using optimism as an insult and … Nowadays exacerbated by media fears of benefit thieves, the homeless, riots, immigrants, terrorists, teen parents, loss of English identity & values, and the weather.
  • ALCOHOLISM (probably) caused by Germanic heritage, in which it was normal to spend days on end drinking and not working. Modern symptoms include alcohol as the primary means of socialising otherwise people tend to remain distant, drink driving correlated with increased risk of road accidents and deaths, and having poor to no recollection of their actions when sober.

Medicine: rid England of its attitude problem.

Means to administer medicine: (doctor requires more time to decide, probably a few centuries)

Scars from The Cruel Cut

Last Wednesday (6/11/13) on Channel 4, at 10:45pm, was a documentary called The Cruel Cut. A moving insight into the practice of FGM (female genital mutilation), it was presented by Leyla Hussein, a British-Somali woman and anti-FGM campaigner.

I nearly didn’t watch it because it was on so late. However, it was well worth it. She explained the different types of FGM*, where it happens, the laws regarding it, and what she does about it. As a victim of it herself, she’s well-placed to do all that. During the program she set up exhibitions where she spread awareness to ordinary members of the public (including videos of it being performed), performed a make-shift survey to members of the public asking them to support FGM**, and even directly emailed the government to ask why anti-FGM laws weren’t being enforced. Unfortunately she got a PC reply saying those laws are enforced and FGM has been successfully stopped in England. What?!?

To make it worse, she and a group of protesters went directly to public health minister’s office (forgot which one. I’ll add when I find it) to speak to her directly. Of course, she didn’t come out to meet them.

* There are 3 types, and I’ll list them from least to most severe. They’re pretty much just as painful as each other (absolutely effing excruciating!) but the latter 2 leave more room for medical complications:

Type 1 – the clitoris is either sliced through the middle or removed, to prevent the girl from experiencing pleasure during sex, 

(there is a variation of this called sunnah-circumcision, in which just the prepuce is removed, making it exactly equivalent to a male circumcision)

Type 2 – same as 1 but the labia minora (inner lips) are also removed and sewn together so when it heals the vagina is completely sealed apart from a pinprick-sized hole that she’s meant to pee & menstruate through,

Type 3 – same as 2 but the labia majora (outer lips) are sealed instead. Both this and Type 2 can lead to menstrual blood and urine pooling inside, fuelling any number of vaginal infections. 

It’s performed as part of culture in many countries in Africa and Asia, and due to migration most other continents. South America seems to have remained free, thank Allah. Among Somalis at least (which seemed to be whom Leyla was most focused on), it’s performed by women: mothers, aunties & grandmothers because they believe it’ll make the victim “clean” for when she gets married, proof of virginity before marriage. This means that when the girl grows up and she wants to have sex with her husband… he’ll have to open her back up. I won’t discuss that any further.

Once again the onus to remain “pure” is put on girls, from an age when they shouldn’t have to know “impurity”, while boys are given license to go amuck.

Men, however, don’t discuss it because as far as they’re concerned it’s women’s business. They usually don’t know how it happens and just go on what the women say – it’ll make them “clean”, it stops them from turning into whores & nymphos, etc. However, when Leyla confronted a group of Somali men to discuss it they were baffled & repulsed. They saw the natural uncut vagina as how Allah made it so it’s wrong for anyone to try to tamper with it. In short, women perform FGM because they think that’s what men want, while men don’t see its purpose and would prefer it to not be done.

And in case anyone thinks it’s a Muslim thing, no. It originated in Kemet (ancient, pre-Islamic, Egypt) and spread all over Africa thousands of years before Islam came to the continent. And it’s practised by many non-Muslim communities, as was evident from her friends who spoke about their experience with FGM (all of them had it done to them) and how it’s affected their lives. Which goes to show that once again culture trumps religion in many parts of the world.

** No that wasn’t a typo. She made a survey asking people to support FGM, just to see if they were politically incorrect enough to refuse. Within half an hour she got 19 signatures, some of them from people who were personally against FGM but felt because it was Leyla’s culture they had no right to criticise. Only one person had the backbone to express outright disgust.

Face palm + tears. 

Another interesting fact about FGM laws: in England it’s banned so the law knows it happens (~24,000 girls a year have it done in England), yet the number of people who’ve been prosecuted for it is exactly ZERO. The rest of Europe is much more no-nonsense, and France routinely examines girls for evidence of the procedure, and if such evidence is found people get their asses locked up.

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African influence on pre-modern European people & cultures

This is a subject hardly known about by anyone. It’s conventionally thought that Europeans & Africans only interacted and discovered each other through slavery, but history shows this has never been the case. Africans (and yes I’m talking about indigenous ‘black’ Africans) have been integral to European civilisations, cultures, education, spirituality, even existence.

Probably the best and most extensively discussed such example of this is the Moors. The Moors are a group of north/ northwest African Muslims who first came to Europe via Spain in the 8th century. Because of them Europe became acquainted with many things we take for granted today, such as education for females & the general public, libraries, oranges, lemons, pavements, cotton, silk, universities, street lamps, underwear & soap. I kid you not on the last 2.

Well I’m bringing back the pre-Moor days!

Just to be clear, nowadays it’s claimed this is what the Moors looked like:

However, these are more akin to modern Moors. As I explained in another post many/ most north Africans are mixed with ‘white’ European to a very high degree. The pure original Moors, as all pre-19th century Europeans knew and explicitly stated, looked like this:

Shakespeare, Queen Victoria I and many others made explicit reference to the Blackamoors, which was synonymous with Moor (as it was a contraction of the phrase “black as a Moor”). In fact, for much of European history Moor was the standard designation for all ‘black’ people regardless of whether they were actual Moors or not, because those were THE ‘black’ people known of back then!

(on a point of fact, Martin Lawrence’s 2001 film Black Knight had this exactly spot on)

Watch your tongue Moor!

The Moors first came to Europe in 711 under the command of a man called Tariq ibn Ziyad, who crossed what is now known as the Strait of Gibraltar* and defeated the Visigoths. The Visigoths were a Germanic tribe who were ruling Spain at the time. The Moors then established al-Andalus, an Islamic empire that covered Spain, Portugal, Andorra & southern France.

* (named after him; Gibraltar = semi-contraction semi-mispronunciation of Jabal Tariq, or Tariq’s Mountain)

Centuries later the Moors and their descendants in Europe, the Moriscos, were expelled from Spain by King Philip III  in 1609. He was inspired to do this by Queen Isabella I of Castille & King Ferdinand II of Aragon, pretty much just because they felt they were godless heathens polluting Christendom & European peoples. However, the Moors did not just move back to north Africa (as I wrongly used to think). Though some did, many converted to Christianity and moved to Italy, Constantinople & Sicily, while others went on further – some even as far as Serbia & the Balkans!
(On a point of information, they didn’t call themselves Moors. That’s what ‘white’ people called them. They called themselves Berbers, and they came in different tribes – Zaghawa, Sanhaja and Kabylia being a few. Modern Berbers also often refer to themselves as Imazighen, possibly revealing their Greek ancestry as the ancient Greeks used to call some of them Mazices)

Just for more information, the Moors were nowhere near the first Africans to inhabit Europe. It’s now known that the very first humans to inhabit all parts of the world were dark-skinned Africans, which includes Europe. There have been remains of humans with a Khoisanid (like the Khoikhoi & San of southern Africa)/ Australoid (like Australian Aborigines, or Koori) type morphology dug up all over the British Isles, and there is some evidence that Mongoloid-types came some time afterward. David MacRitchie asserts that this Mongoloid presence included a very strong strain of ‘blackness’, in the form of Huns and Scythians. He even goes on to claim that some of the Danes were ‘black’!

David MacRitchie is a Scotsman and author of Ancient and Modern Britons: a Retrospect, Accounts of the Gypsies of India, The Testimony of Tradition, Pygmies in Northern Scotland, Memories of The Picts, Hints of Evolution in Tradition and The Aborigines of Shetland and Orkney. He reckons there are 2 types of modern Britons – xanthochroi (yellow-skins, better known as pale or fair ‘whites’) and melanochroi (black-skins, better known as dark ‘whites’), and the melanochroi are mixed descendants of the xanthochroi & Australoids. Despite the fact he didn’t like ‘black’ people’s historical presence in Europe, he was absolutely staunch in his belief that they were there, as he was that the Moors were ‘black’.

‘White’ Europeans as we know them are between 6-12,000 years old according to modern genetic research, but it’s still not known for sure exactly how they came about. Were they among one of the later-coming morphological types that then somehow predominated over the others, or did they develop (or as some like to say, “evolve”) in Europe from the ones that were already there?

In another post I will mention individuals of the historical African diaspora in Europe.


(also at: http://1tawnystranger.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/african-influence-on-pre-modern.html)

The horse meat scandal!!! (originally posted 21/2/13)

Note: I originally posted this on 21/2/13 so the info may be out of date. Plus, people may have forgotten about it)

Findus Beef Lasagne.

Cow meat content: 0 – 40%

Horse meat content: 60 – 100%

Everyone in England has heard of the horse meat scandal by now. It’s been in the news and on the radios for weeks now. Turns out meat that we thought was pig or sheep or chicken is in many cases any combination of those plus another Brits don’t eat willingly: HORSE.

Apparently because our meat’s been coming from all over the continent (Romania, France, Germany, Ireland) it may take a while to determine exactly where the horse meat came from. The answer so far seems to be horses stolen from Irish farms and/ or horses from mainland Europe being ground down into filler for other meats, and in some cases deliberately mislabelled as other red meats. With the sheer depth of this scandal I’m surprised Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Jamie Oliver haven’t said anything yet.

Or should that be, we’ve not heard them say anything yet?

Mr Oliver, what have you to say

about the horse meat scandal?


Mr Fearnley-Whittingstall, what have you to say

about the horse meat scandal?


I admit, it doesn’t affect me much because I don’t eat conventional meat (not halal). However, I’m disgusted all the same. Not at the local butchers or anyone here because you can’t really blame them; if they’re being given meat and told it’s beef or pork what reason would they have to doubt it? The blame lies with whoever the rogue criminals are, trying to keep their costs down by duping a whole string of countries. This does, nevertheless, give local farmers a very firm leg to stand on; at least they know what they’re selling because they’ve seen and slaughtered it themselves.

One thing I’m kind of confused about is this: is this scandal so shocking because of the deceit involved, or because eating horse is just “not British”? Apparently this is not the 1st such horse meat scandal in England/ Britain; since the 1930s it’s merely been taboo/ unfashionable (but never illegal unless not listed).

If anyone has any comments on this please reply below.