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Disturbing trend with interracial (IR) relationships

Note: for the purposes of this post interracial means ‘black’-‘white’ unless stated otherwise. And it’s very picture-heavy. 

Before anyone jumps on the bandwagon and labels me intolerant, I have nothing against interracial relationships. In an ideal world it wouldn’t be an issue at all. Even in this non-ideal racism-riddled world they can still work. I especially have nothing against ‘black’/’white’ people, they’re still just people no matter what.

Cringing at the Godly part but whatever floats your boat…

However, I’m not going to ignore personal experience. As a Londoner I’ve spoken to guys of all backgrounds. One thing I’ve noticed, especially among my generation and younger, is the number of ‘black’ men who want ‘white’ women. Nothing wrong with that. Often they’ll also say it’s not just ‘white’ women they want, they’ll go for any other type of woman. All good…


This is where the problem lies. They specifically avoid ‘black’ women. Why? Some excuses I’ve heard:

  • They’re rude/ have no manners
  • They’re aggressive
  • They’re gold diggers
  • All the ones I approach don’t wanna know me
  • They give me nasty looks when I look at them
  • They stop us on road ’cause they think they know us from their home country

You know, the usual dog shit clichés that magically don’t apply to non-‘black’ women.

One of the newest ones I’ve heard is:

A law has just been passed that the government will deprive single mothers of their children if they abandon them. Not abandon in the sense of refusing to care for them, just quickly nipping down to the local off-licence for a few minutes ’cause she forgot the toilet roll in shopping, or leaving one kid in the car while she pops into the school to get the other one.

What’s that got to go with ‘black’ woman hatred?

Apparently, because of racists like Iain Duncan Smith who brought this law into effect, it’ll be applied disproportionately against non-‘whites’ and immigrants. Those poor childless women will end up in hostels or homeless. In order to stop that happening, ‘black’ guys should stop having children with ‘black’ women and have them with ‘white’ English-born women instead. Somehow those children will be protected, and the father will still have a chance to see them again.

Those guys hold ‘white’ women as the pinnacle of femininity, the kind of gal every red-blooded straight guy should want. Not just ‘black’ guys, Asian guys I’ve spoken to say that too. Just yesterday I was told I need to try vanilla, I can’t just stick to chocolate.

The thinking behind this goes something like this: The system is against the men so it’s alright for us to be pissed, but whatever shit happens to the women is their own bloodclaat fault. As conscious as those guys might be of racial issues that affect them, when it comes to how racism affects women & relationships they are completely clueless! By reviling ‘black’ women and hankering after all others, we’re playing right into the system’s hands. They want us to worship their women! They want us to think happiness can’t be achieved with each other! It’s bog-standard divide-and-conquer! The enemy can’t forcibly separate us, they have to convince us to not want each other anymore!

I could wax ignorant, be surprised and all that, but I’ve known for ages. I knew since I was 6 or 7 that we’re being programmed to see ‘white’ as on top and ‘black’ as the bottom of the barrel. I noticed it happening to me; that’s why I made a conscious decision to only pursue relationships with women of darker complexion than myself*. To this day I’ve never dated a ‘white’ woman and I don’t intend to ever do so.

* regardless of ethnic background or nationality:

African (south),
African (north),
African (west),
African (east),
Asian (south),
Arab/ “middle eastern”,
Asian (east/ southeast),
Australian/ Pacific,
American (native),

Thus I’d have happily gone IR.

(Besides, my girlfriend wouldn’t be too happy with me wanting any other woman! LOL)

Another modern trend is the number of adverts, films, TV programmes and the like portraying functional interracial relationships. This isn’t inherently a problem, as it could just be reflecting reality (talk about benefit of the doubt!). But when you remember the rarity/ absence of functional ‘black’ relationships and predominance of ‘white’ ones, you realise it’s a ploy. They’re telling a story: all relationships are healthy and good except ‘black’ ones. The battle of the sexes only exists among us.

To people who believe this message, I have a message back:

LOOK AROUND YOU FOR FUCK’S SAKE! In the real world, most ‘black’ relationships are stable and functioning! The battle of the sexes exists in all races! See below:





THIS is what i like to see!!!



verbal-abuse-3 (to add to IR relationships post)

abusive-relationship (add to IR relationships post)

For those who say IR relationships are the cure for racism, explain why racism still happens in them. And I’m not the only one who’s noticed.