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About Paris bombing

This story is big in the news right now: Paris got bombed. Wikipedia already has an article on it.

I have some questions/ doubts about the way it happened:

  • Considering it only happened 4 days ago (13/11/2015), it’s amazing that we already know ISIL/ ISIS did it,
  • It’s interesting that a Syrian passport was found in the aftermath, and that made the news not too long after this Syrian refugee situation. It’s also revealing that America & Europe have claimed they’re gonna get tough on Syria – not on the perpetrators of this incident, on SYRIA, as if the whole country is to blame somehow,
  • (a personal gripe with how all so-called terrorists supposedly operate) ISIL/ISIS claimed responsibility for it. Assuming this is true, how would they have the media connections to tell us? And why would they tell us, and that they’re gonna get the White House next when they didn’t tell Paris?
  • Meanwhile our current Conservative government (that almost no-one voted for) has been trying to change laws since they came to power and people are constantly complaining. All of a sudden this attack happens and we’re so focused on it and ISIL/ISIS.

That’s all.