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Africans were enslaved for life ever since Bacon’s rebellion. Despite colour-based slavery being well in place, and despite the new legal distinction between slaves and servants, Defoe still referred to ‘whites’ as slaves in his writings. Similarly, larger colonies weren’t averse to taking more ‘whites’.

Why? They understood slavery existed in different forms, and legal names didn’t change shit. Continue reading MORE PROPERLY CALLED SLAVES, PART 17

Some notes on how I use common terms 6

A continuation of my previous post series. As always terms are as I personally use them, not necessarily how they’re commonly understood: Continue reading Some notes on how I use common terms 6

About Aryanism

Note: I’m well aware of its associations with Hitler, eugenics, the “master race” concept, etc. as pointed out by Abagond and others. However, last year I became aware of another type of Aryanism, which I believe some also call esoteric Hitlerism. I neither endorse nor condemn it, just present it here for examination. Like I said, I like to explore topics others don’t. 

The basic crux of this worldview is its insistence on three different races of humans. However, these races have nothing to do with skin colour, geographic ancestry, hair texture, ethnicity or anything like how it’s clasically defined. Continue reading About Aryanism

The Big 6 and their undue influence…?

What are The Big 6?

That’s my title for the six religions pretty much everyone has heard of all over the world: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism & Sikhism. They encompass a stupidly wide range of beliefs, opinions, practices and historical development paths.

However, I recently noticed something. Despite their differences of original language, beliefs, number of gods,  etc. there’s one thing they all have in common. With one arguable exception, they all originated from Asia!


Yep. Hinduism, Buddhism & Sikhism all originated in India – SOUTH ASIA.

Christianity was drafted in Judea (Palestine) – SOUTHWEST ASIA. Islam was created in Arabia – SOUTHWEST ASIA. Judaism started in Canaan (Palestine) – SOUTHWEST ASIA, although the Torah never lets Jews forget “their” enslavement in Egypt (NORTH AFRICA) and their dispersion around the world, hence why I call it the arguable exception.

Why is this significant?

Is it significant that Judaism, Christianity & Islam’s original languages fall under the Afro-Asiatic family, while the others’ fall under the Indo-“European” family?

Honestly I don’t know. This post is an invitation to discuss & debate the matter. How important is a religion’s geographic origin? Why are Asian religions so predominant in the world, especially Christianity & Islam? Does it matter at all, as long as their teachings are valid?

Reply below…


Masculine & feminine

Should not be as different as men & women are

Because men & women are not that different.

Back when we were breathing

Through our navels instead of our lungs,

Girls & boys couldn’t be told apart.

Why split our oxygen supply into two again

With this belief of masculine vs. feminine?

Yeah, why?

It might be politically incorrect

To believe the battle of the sexes can reach a solution,

But break the female party and the male party down to their constituents

And you’ll see they have correspondent members:

In puberty women’s busts went through a boom phase

While the prostate is a womb in recession.

The ballsack is the vagina’s left & right wings in alliance

To arrest the ovaries when they descend into testosterone-fuelled anarchy,

And the penis is a clitoris stuck in permanent inflation.

That’s why its pleasure is valued less.

The Qur’an calculates men having “a degree” over women

(Suwrah 4 ayah 34)

But that doesn’t add up

‘Cause women have the same number of hormones as us.

On the chromosomal level

X + X = viable,

X + Y = viable,

X + nothing = viable,

Y + nothing = extinct.

Can any religion minus that factor from their formulae

And still equal sexual justice?

If it could the god of Abraham would’ve commanded us

To lop off our penises and sow our scrotums up

As the God of cultural aesthetics commands us

To lop off girls’ clitorises and sow up their labia

But the God of human whims dictates that

Such misandry is not allowed.


Now the pendulum of culture is swinging again

Away from men’s rule over women

– But which direction is it swinging?

© One Tawny Stranger, May 2015