Hackney Museum Anniversary Performance – aftermath

Now all is said and done. The performance is over (groan!), but the feedback was astounding (yay!). That is is what creative writing is all about, creating a mini-community focused on a common interest or goal – to hear the creative expressions of local people!

For those who missed the 5th Year Anniversary Soiree of the Word Lovers’ Society, here’s the programme:



Thursday 5th December 2013 5:30pm – 8:30pm Hackney Museum



5:30 – Arrival & light refreshments

5:45 – Musician Zozo Shuaibu plays the djembe and talking drums to open

6:00 – Singer Niyi Bammodou will perform 1st song Fly Me To The Moon

6:05 – Musician Zozo Shuaibu plays the djembe and talking drums

6:15 – The Speaker of Hackney Mr Michael Desmond will arrive and do a brief address

6:20 – Introduction of group leader KG Lester by Valentine Ogunba

6:25 – KG Lester’s address and reading with a special presentation!

6:30 – Readings:

Franklin Brady

Sheba Montserrat

Martin Sonenberg

Pat McKenzie


Amanda Wray

David Walter

Songhai Ashanti 

Bobby Abedin

Joanne Samuels

Valentine Ogunba

Anna Barnett

Nehanda Buchannan

Chock Glendenning

Sharon Aspess

Ali Mohammad (read from his self-published book The Summoning)

Marlene Walker (plus unexpected baby crying! LOL)

7:30 – Short interval

7:40 – Singer Vernella Dyer to perform her new track

7:45 – Writers to read in same order as before (note: it didn’t actually happen like this, we read in a random order according to who had short pieces as time was short. Sheba performed a dance!)

8:25 – KG to do closing speech and thanks, with Niyi Bammodou performing another song

(Zozo Shuaibu playing periodically throughout)

At our final session of the year (10th December) we held a party and discussed the performance. And it was positive, no-one had anything bad to say about it! The audience members did something unexpected – rather than just do the generic “Yeah they were good” etc., they actually praised each and every one of us!

Here are some of the comments:

Came for the Wordlovers Society presentation – fantastic
First visit to this fine establishment – at present doing a good job!
Please put on more of these events.
A wonderful cultured community gathering
(name and contact details blanked out)
The Wordlovers Society event was inspirational! So much talent!
A very heart warming evening that must be extended publicity wise across the community

And don’t worry, as long as people keep requesting it (and KG stays good at organising and presenting) we will put on more such performances. But don’t tell KG I said he’s good at something, I’ll never hear the end of it.


(reposted from: http://fleecyheadmilagrero.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/hackney-museum-anniversary-performance.html)

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