POEM: Crossfired Paradise


The fuck?

Are we doing?

Sadists mutilating this world our mother,

Ripping out her luscious gardens of hair

To make way for houses, for roads, weapons bases and battlefields,

Leeching her black-gold blood

To power our cars, our ships, our tanks and fighter jets,

Looting her bones’ mineral deposits

To decorate our ears and fingers and clothes,

Tattooing our shit into her titanic blue skin

Because industries don’t wanna clean up the waste products of their Revolution

Yet we want God to put us in paradise?

Open your bloodclaat eyes! We were already there!

Still would be if we hadn’t done an Emperor Nero,

Declared war on the sea

Then gone 100 steps further: warring on sea, sky, winds,

The whole planet – surface AND core!

God damn it!

Even the heavens aren’t a safe haven for souls anymore,

We’re thinking of living there –

On the moon or another planet or some other foolishness,

Shredding the Earth’s ozone veil apart

Exposing her to the gaze of the Sun as it goes in heat.

Too cowardly to lay in the hell-bed we made,

We flee to a star-studded paradise in the clouds that can’t support our weight,

Calling the old paradise inferior just because it’s beneath our feet,

Wha wrong wid us?

Earth is a prematurely aged rape survivor,

Forced to survive it again and again and again

And she’s not recovering as fast as she used to.

She should have much longer to live

But we voluntarily conscripted ourselves to the war of

Good vs. Evil,

Spent our brainpower renaming it

Man vs. Nature.

But you know what?

Even if we win, it’ll be like King Pyrrhus said:

“One more such victory and I am undone.”



© One Tawny Stranger, May 2016

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