On the EU referendum

So who’s controlling our borders

If not us?

Isn’t that what UK Border Control is for?

Who’s threatening to disagree

With the right wing’s sand left wing’s right

To flap hollow words into our airspace?

Who’s colonising the Parliament Square womb of colonialism?

Who’s overwriting the electoral system

In indelible ink

Instead of potentially back-pedalling pencil,

Forcing their vote to be counted

Whether it fits the government’s socio-economic formulae

Or not?

Whose currency is undermining the pound,

Fracking this concrete soil

To process British-born gold and silver

Instead of the rest of the world’s?

Who’s answering the prayer

God kill our gracious queen

And her whole family?

Who’s labelling UK a terrorist regime

As an excuse to bomb our civilians,

Set their pet cars to drink our oil banks,

And replace our sovereignty with their Western democracy?

Who’s putting the Prime Minister out of business?

Who has the brains or the balls to answer these questions?


Then who are the asswipes dictating us to

Take back control of our borders?

England is still waiting,

Still waiting to crack from the rift between its leaders and its led,

Still waiting for its veneer of superiority to slip for the last time,

Still waiting for the EU to hold it accountable

For the crimes it metes out to its slaves,

Still waiting to be invaded,



By anyone

Anyone at all

Once and for all.


© One Tawny Stranger, June 2016

PS. If anyone contests the legality of the brexit vote, feel free to sign the petition for a second referendum at:


2 thoughts on “On the EU referendum”

  1. like, i get it. i totally get it. congratulations on getting rid of cameron, even if it took all this. i pray to god that scotland secedes. down with the british empire for once and for all.


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