Constance Briscoe: A Sad Fall From Grace

The Twisted Mind of Franklin


She became one of Britains first black judges

To come from obscurity

Coming from a childhood of abuse

Depravity and cruelty

She wrote a harrowing memoir

Detailing her childhood abuse

This caused outrage from her family

Prompting her mother to sue

Her mother lost the libel case

And Constance Won

But unfortunately 4 years later

The worst was yet to come

It turned out she lied to police

And tampered with witness statements

Getting caught up in a scandal

Which caused further embarrassment

She worked her arse off

To get to where she is today

And because of one bad choice

She had a sad fall from grace

Her mother Carmen abused her

Physically, mentally & psychologically

Her siblings turned a blind eye

Pretending they didn’t see

Her eldest sister Pauline

Let her down really badly

She saw what really happened

But didn’t come to her time of need

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One thought on “Constance Briscoe: A Sad Fall From Grace”

  1. It is not surprising that Constance fell at one of life’s hurdles. Non of us are perfect, not even when we reach the top of our game. You just have further to fall.


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