They condone child rape!

Inspired by a conversation I had with a Pakistani muslim guy just this afternoon (22/7/2015).

This guy has known me for a little while now, and most times he meets me he wants to “guide me back to the right path”. In other words, revert to slavery to Allah. After discussing the topic of Allah, the existence of Satan, the Qur’an, etc. we came to Muhammad. He described Muhammad as the perfect man, to which I said, “A man who had sex with a 9 year old girl is the perfect man?”

He replied, rather emphatically, “Yes!”

That was it. I refused to continue the talk, as he had openly said paedophilia was good because Muhammad had done it. Because I was walking away, he tried to frame it as if I was cowering away from the truth in haughty arrogance. I replied that I was walking because I find people who condone child rape disgusting.

In case anyone doesn’t know that story, the ahadiyth mention that Muhammad’s 3rd wife A’ishah was 6 years old at the time of the betrothal and 9 when he consummated it. He was about 53. However, one scholarly opinion reckons she was 10 not 6. She’s often lauded as a fantastic narrator of Muhammad’s life and a “Mother of the Believers”, as if being married at 6 was only a detail for historical interest but ultimately of no importance.

Nowadays muslimiyn excuse it by claiming shit like:

  • Girls mature faster than boys so she was physiologically an adult (EVEN IF that were true, he was in his fifties),
  • People reach puberty faster in hot climates so she was physiologically an adult (bollocks. Climate doesn’t affect onset of puberty – in fact, puberty before the age of 10 is nowadays considered a health risk),
  • We can’t judge actions done in the past by the standards of the present. That’s anachronism (but wait. Islam is meant to be the standard for all humanity to follow in all times & all places),
  • This was the prophet of Allah, the perfect example for all of humanity to follow, so everything he did was right. He never committed sins, he never did anything against the commands of Allah, so how dare you criticise him?

That reminded me: my mum had done exactly the same thing. Last year when I was debating with her about Islam, she said she doesn’t care that Muhammad had sex with A’ishah.

Yes, my mother said that.

This goes to show something really profound: people are willing to defend anything if it’s associated with what they believe in. As I had said before, Islam stands for anything muslims want – misogyny & sexual equality, racism & anti-racism, war & peace, slavery & emancipation, etc. Add child rape to the list.

I know this is not a rare opinion. The vast majority of muslims believe this, even if they don’t like it. However, when pressed on the issue (like I did to my mum) they have this thought process:

  • I know this is true. That would make him (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) a paedophile,
  • But he’s the sinless one and Allah’s last prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam). I cannot badmouth him otherwise I’ll no longer be muslim and I’ll go to hell,
  • Therefore my opinion on paedophilia doesn’t matter. I must defend the prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) at all costs!

Then there are others who honestly see child marriage as good. Usually because they’re paedophiles who either have their own child brides or would if they could.

I know not all muslimiyn are comfortable with this. Some argue that those ahadiyth are wrong and A’ishah was either midway through or finished puberty when she married Muhammad. As much as I used to want to believe them, they rely on raising doubts about ahadiyth (not that they’re ever completely trustworthy) and linking snippets of indirect facts that don’t give a definitive number. So I’m sorry, but the evidence points massively in favour of the conclusion:

“Prophet” Muhammad was a child rapist.

And many/ most muslims are willing to condone that to defend his religion.

3 thoughts on “They condone child rape!”

  1. Here are 3 articles- one Sunni, one Shee’i, and one Lahori Ahmadiyya- exploring the issue of ‘Aa-isha’s age at the time of marriage, and revealing the depth and breadth of Islamic thought:

    Our Mother A’isha’s Age At The Time Of Her Marriage to The Prophet
    This is a scholarly, and thus convoluted, article. It discusses the marriage and child-bearing age at the time of revelation (1400 years ago). Then it discusses certain narrators, revealing the sciences of evaluating hadeeth (narration) narrators, and of evaluating the validity and strength of chains of narration. It then goes into actual ahadeeth (narrations) that discuss the likely year of ‘Aa-isha’s birth and marriage in relation to other events (birth records were not kept at the time and the calendar counted months, not years). NOTE: It is written scholar-to-scholar, not scholar-to-public, so it requires a high reading level and some patience.

    Was Hazrath Aisha 9 years old when she got married?

    Click to access Aisha%20Age1.1.pdf

    This article represents Shi’a scholarship. They have a different approach to ahadeeth, so their sources, and evaluation of sources, varies. This article explores the issue mainly by using ahadeeth to establish dates, clarifying, again, her birth and marriage date and age.

    Age of Aisha (ra) at time of marriage
    This is a Lahori Ahmadiyya article. It is the easiest to read. It focuses on the work of a scholar named Muhammad Ali, and more or less summarizes his research. It concludes with a discussion of marriage and childbirth age amongst Christian populations. While many Muslim scholars consider Ahmadiyya beliefs to be heretical, I have included this article because it references sources (see the footnotes) that Muslims generally consider valid. Therefore, it is a good point for further research.


  2. The 3rd link I saw as I wrote this post. As well as others, it’s what I was referring to when I said “linking snippets of indirect facts that don’t give a definitive number”. It has to be inferred and teased out instead of just being straightforward. Even if they’re right that goes directly against the conventional ahadiyth, which means at least one of them is wrong.
    It also means someone in the past had gone out of their way to make sure the 6-year-old story was pushed and made the majority opinion – whether it was true or not. And it doesn’t change the fact that most muslimiyn accept it wholesale. This again proves how religions are changed to suit people’s whims. Islam is no exception.


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