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In the name of God/s, part 8: LaVeyan Satanism

  • Founder/s: Anton Szandor LaVey
  • Approximate age: 50 years
  • Place of origin: USA
  • Holy book/s: The Satanic Bible
  • Original language of holy book/s: English
  • Demonym of adherents: Satanists
  • Approximate number of current global adherents: 100,000
  • Place of worship name/s: church of Satan

All of my info comes directly from the Church of Satan website. This may come as a surprise to some, but there’s a lot of stuff about this religion I like & agree with.

Sweet Mary mother of God! The Antichrist is already here!!!

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Poem: Whose Myth is True?

After hundreds

Of thousands

Of millions of years

We have evolved to Homo de spirituali dominus

– Man, master of spirituality!

We got more than one good book:

Qur’an, Vedas and Guru Granth Sahib,

Tripitaka and Torah

As well as the Bible

To spell out the will of God

In six different shades of black & white,

Save us from the scary black darkness,

Keep us in the pwetty white light.

Walk toward and into the light,

And death is guaranteed to be better

Than this Devil’s Domain called



Backtrack to the days of BC – Before Clerics

Were afraid of their religions’ origins,

Before pagan was redefined from local & home-grown to

Spiritual Atavism To All Nations,

The world believed in different myths:

Before heaven & hell were spiritual destinations for the dead

One was the searing red ocean beneath the land,

The other the vast blue roof where birds flirted with clouds.

Blue was a foreign colour to most tongues, anthropologists believe

But I think people were smarter than that.

On the far East side we had guardian dragons

Raining good fortune and education on us from above,

While angels’ Assyrian ancestors hunted us like birds of prey.

The skies of Zambia, Angola & Congo are windows to prehistory

Because they still see pterodactyls!

Ala was an Igbo goddess as well as an Arab god,

At the tip of Africa’s horn the world was balanced on the horns of a bull

Tethered in front of the cow he loved –

Maybe the common ancestor of the Egyptian sky-cow,

As Somalis & Ethiopians were the common ancestors of Egyptians?

The Slavic sun is too lazy to inhabit the sky,

She lives on an island served by the 4 winds,

Long before Avraham preached fear of God

Inuktitut (Eskimos) preached fear of everything!

Kaluli women are the mothers of Mother Nature,

Men only have supremacy because

A male snake ate an Aboriginal goddess’s daughters,

But Chinese emperors were legally required


To sexually satisfy 121 women in 15 nights!

Modern Indians caste their devotion toward fair skin

When they used to believe darker = holier.

Asian Indians meant their own skins,

American “Indians” meant that of Africans

But both stopped once pale-skins

Installed themselves in positions of superiority.

Complex, I know.

The disciples had never heard of Jesus,

Their messiah’s name was Ieshua,

Freedom fighter to them, to Roman powers terrorist.

Science and maths hadn’t yet tested the theory that

Virginity + pregnancy = impossibility,

But we had the Greek intelligence to know daemons could be

Good, evil or don’t give a shit

And the Judean intelligence to know Satan was just doing his God-given job

– But given by which God?

The New Testament one who so loved the world

He agreed with Caiaphas that

It’s better for one man to perish in place of the nation,

Sent his Judean heir to die for Gentiles’ royal screw-ups?

Or the Old Testament one who smote the world

Then remembered to keep Noah alive,

Knows idols can’t hurt him but admits

I am a jealous god?

Whose god is true?

Whose myth is true?

© One Tawny Stranger, July 2015


Is it something about the way they move,

Their side to side wiggling and writhing,

Subtly suggestive of unchaste intent,

That makes you abhor the serpents so?


Is it their power to move limblessly,

Amongst the grass undetected,

In a manner unnatural to us,

That makes you spite the ophidians so?


Is it their smooth scaly skin,

Lacking warmth and fur, as you prefer,

Or their Biblical association with Satan,

That makes you condemn the colubrids so?


Is it their lack of facial expression,

Which defy your craving for the cute & cuddly,

And focus instead on raw survival,

That makes you distrust the nāgas so?


Is it that some are armed with deadly venom,

Or that some are large enough to swallow you whole,

Or that some can hug you to death,

That makes you fear all snakes so?


Fear them not; they want to survive

Just as us. They seldom bring us harm,

They don’t know better but we do.

So leave them be why don’t you?


You have but slight knowledge of them;

You think their bone-dry skin is slimy!

Yet you insist on hating them.

Is that not a bigot’s ways?


We’re the newest species on the planet

And we have done much to ruin it.

Humans, not the serpents, are the devils;

How then have they earned our hatred?


Could it be that snakes are just scapegoats

Bearing the brunt of blunt bully’s anger?

Do you hate them because you really hate

The evils that reside in… you?